We Provide The Required Training & Support...

Helping you & your Kickstarters get the most out of the Kickstart Scheme.

Your Requirements

The Kickstart Scheme's goal is to improve the long term job prospects of young people who at risk of long term unemployment.

You will therefore get an additional £1.5K grant per Kickstart Job, that must be spent on

  • Employability Training & Support for the Kickstarter.
  • Plus Job Setup Costs (e.g. Uniform, IT etc).

We help you meet your requirements, by providing the Employability Training & Support in addition to helping you apply.

Training & Support
For Your Kickstarters

Digital First Learning

Easy accessible on Mobile, Tablet or Laptop.

Personalised Onboarding

Identifying a Kickstarters goals, existing strengths and areas to develop.

Virtual Employability Workshops

Covering the required topics: Getting to Work, Attendance, Time Keeping, Time & Performance Management, Work Communication & Teamwork.

Additional Microlearning

Supplementing each workshop with content that is easy to learn and remember for all learning styles. 

Reflection Assessments

In a format designed to build confidence, these enable you and your Kickstarters to track their progress.


Regular calls to ensure candidate progression & wellbeing; Providing extra support where necessary.

Extra 1on1 & Group Support

Where needed.

Career Planning

Virtual Workshops and individual advice on Job Seeking, CV Prep & Interview Management.

Certification & Reporting

Confirming what the Kickstarter has achieved, which they can use for future employment.

Plus For FREE We Support Your Business Throughout The Whole Process

Additional FREE Support For Your Business

Hassle Free Application Process

We will help you Complete & Submit your application.

Support With DWP & Recruiting

Including help and support completing DWP's Job Vacancy Templates.

Training You & Your Team

Enabling you to get the best results from the Scheme - e.g. Successful Onboarding, Up-skilling In-house Mentors, Creating a Learning Culture.

DWP Required Kickstart Reviews

Either support & up-skill your team to run these monthly reviews or we can do it for you.

Audit Ready

Al of the Kickstarter's training & progress is stored electronically should you be audited by DWP.

You Get All Of This At


Paid Using The £1.5K Kickstart Grant


Paid When You Apply



Per Company

100% Guaranteed Refundable if Not Approved By DWP

& Contributes to the Training & Support Fee


Paid When Your Receive The £1.5K Grant



Per Filled Kickstart Job

Giving You Over £840 Remaining From The £1.5k Kickstart Grant

KickstartDirect is a Kickstart Training & Support company that makes it easy to access and benefit from the Kickstart Scheme. We provide the required Employability Training and Support at NO COST TO YOU (i.e. paid for by the Gov. Grant); plus for FREE we help you complete and submit your application and support you through the process with DWP.

*KickstartDirect can not guarantee the response timeline and the estimated time is based off experience and the guidelines given by DWP for businesses that apply Direct via the GOV.UK website.

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